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A-MESC provides the resources and expertise to augment customers’ own research capabilities. Whether working alongside existing teams or contributing discrete project components, A-MESC assembles, interprets and presents information and data. A-MESC is also the ideal neutral and confidential platform for performance, best practice, benchmarking and market sensitive studies.

A-MESC has strong research experience in business economics and strategic development, sales and marketing, service product development, e-commerce and maritime intensive supply chains. Research project headings include

 Liner Shipping Analysis

 Business IT Application

 Business Process

 Trade Corridors & Commodities

 Supply Chain Management Systems

 Process Mapping

 Economic Trend & Forecasting

 Container Fleet Management

 Service Product Definition

 Competition & Services

 E-Commerce & E-Portals

 Customer Satisfaction Measurement

 Liner Service Design & Selection

 Commercial & Sales Processes

 International Management Structures

 Port & Inland Routing Selection

 Business Intelligence

 Business Development