Research . Consultancy . Management


A-MESC provides three categories of support for international maritime logistics and maritime intensive supply chains.

Research services and resources can be provided according to your specification, working either alongside your existing team or independently. Projects requiring confidentiality and market sensitivity are an obvious use for external resources and are handled with integrity. See the separate sub page for more detail.

Consultancy is provided within the ethos of assisting organisations develop and implement their own strategies. This is achieved by posing and analysing strategic options and - through the application of industry best practice and experience - preventing the repetition of mistakes made by others. The implementation stage can be covered by our Managment services. See the sub page for specific areas of expertise.

Management resources are a critical constraint in any change management or development scenario. A-MESC can provide project or interim management to support your organisation. See the sub page for areas of previous management experience.

A-MESC will normally only undertake work for customers where the services are provided or managed personally by David Charlesworth. Associates will be used where they have specific competencies/experience, but are directly managed and selected by David to ensure a single point of responsibility for customer satisfaction. A-MESC is not a recruitment agency.